I am happy to be offering this Meditation Teacher Training. This program is designed to provide yoga teachers with the education and skills to incorporation meditation into their yoga practice and teaching careers. Other meditators who want to start leading meditation circles are also welcome to attend this program. This is a 50-hour module, spread over 5 days (Sundays): April 8th, 15th , 22nd , 29th , May 6th. The venue is Moksha Spiritual Center in Frazier Park, CA. This training program is approved by Yoga Next.

Fee: $750

Payment methods: 

1. Via paypal or bank transfer to this email address: chittumalla.arvind@gmail.com

2. Make a check in favor of "Aravindu Chittumalla" and mail it to PO Box 2290, Frazier Park CA 93225

Only 10 spaces in the training program.

Lunch and snacks will be provided on all the 5 days of training

Scope of this Meditation Teacher Training
• Yogi Arvind will teach 8 different meditation techniques
1. Cultivating Equanimity
2. Cultivating Unity Consciousness
3. Cultivating Forgiveness
4. Achieving Peace & Contentment
5. Purification meditations: Mind, Body & Soul
6. Mindfulness and presence (Vipassana)
• Participants will learn the philosophy behind each technique and method of practice
• Preparation for each technique via breathwork and various kriyas, bandhas and mudras
• Demo of each technique followed by the group meditating using the technique
• Q&A pertaining to the technique
• Other practical aspects of meditation such as: setting up a meditation space/time, obstacles to meditate and integrating meditation in our daily practice, will also be covered.

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Center Highlights

  • 70 miles from Los Angeles
  • 75 miles from Ojai/Ventura
  • 1.5 hour drive

  • Peaceful mountain energy
  • 4 seasons in the year
  • Hiking, Stargazing & Skiing

  • Spiritual Growth, Health & Wellness
  • Welcomes different traditions
  • Workshops, trainings, conferences

  • Onsite accommodation for 20
  • Options for camping onsite
  • Healthy organic/vegetarian meals
  • Eco-friendly facility


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For more info, please contact us at:

  • chittumalla.arvind.com
  • (310) 651-0717
  • Our location: 4021 Mount Pinos Way, Frazier Park CA 93225

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