This is a 2-day/1 night Meditation and Breathwork retreat. It begins at 10am on Saturday March 30th and ends at 5pm on Sunday March 31st. Shared accommodation will be provided for participants at Moksha Spiritual Center. Two vegetarian/vegan meals will be provided on both the days.

Only 15 spaces in the retreat.

Fee: $225 (Residential program with accommodation & food)
Fee: $150 (Non-Residential program, includes food but no accommodation)

Payments method: You may send money vial paypal or electronic bank transfer to this email address: If you want to pay by check, please make it to "Aravindu Chittumalla" and mail it to PO Box 2290, Frazier Park CA 93225. To confirm and register for the retreat, you may write to Yogi Arvind at the above email address.

In this meditation retreat, Yogi Arvind will teach you five meditation techniques to establish and live a purposeful life.

1 - Cultivating Equanimity
2 - Cultivating Unity Consciousness
3 - Achieving Peace & Contentment
4 - Mindfulness and presence (Vipassana)

Participants will learn the philosophy behind each technque and method of practice, followed by the group meditating using the technique, followed by Q&A pertaining to the technique. Other practical aspects of meditation such as: setting up a meditation space/time, obstacles to meditate and integrating meditation in our daily practice, will also be covered.

Each meditation will be preceded by a specific pranayama - yogic breathing technique. Participants will learn the philosophy behind each technque and method of practice:

1. Viloma - Pratiloma

2. Bhastrika - Kapalabhatti
3. Sudarshana Kriya
4. Seethali
5. Other breathing techniques.

This retreat includes a hike to Frazier Mountain on the morning of Sunday February 26th. If weather/time permits, we can also visit Mount Pinos for star-gazing in the night.

Tentative schedule for the retreat

9.30am - 10am: Check in
10am - 12pm: Introduction to meditation, setting up a meditation space/time, obstacles to meditate and integrating meditation in our daily practice
12pm - 1pm: Lunch
1pm - 3pm: Cultivating Equanimity,
3pm - 3.30pm: Break/Tea
3.30pm - 5.30pm: Cultivating Unity Consciousness
7pm-9pm: Dinner, Q&A and social


7.30am - 8.30am: Breakfast
8.30am - 11am: Hike and back to the center
11am - 1pm: Mindfulness and presence (Vipassana)
1pm - 2pm: Lunch
2pm - 4pm: Achieving Peace & Contentment
4.00pm - 5.00pm: Q&A and Closing

About Yogi Arvind
Yogi Arvind is a spiritual: Teacher, Entrepreneur, Activist. He has been teaching Meditation since 2006. He speaks and leads workshops of many other aspects of Raja Yoga and Vedic Sciences such as: Pranayama (Breathwork), Yoga Philosophy, Shaivism, Samkhya and Sanskrit. He is passionate about using yogic principles to create a healthy, peaceful and harmonious life. His Meditation & Pranayama(Breathwork) classes/workshops are geared towards cultivating a higher state of consciousness and sustaining that higher state for longer periods of time, even after one leaves the studio. He wishes to help people maintain this state during their day-to-day activities, thereby making even the most simple or mundane task enlightening and uplifting.

For more information about Yogi Arvind, please visit his You may also follow him on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram: Yogi Arvind

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Center Highlights

  • 70 miles from Los Angeles
  • 75 miles from Ojai/Ventura
  • 1.5 hour drive

  • Peaceful mountain energy
  • 4 seasons in the year
  • Hiking, Stargazing & Skiing

  • Spiritual Growth, Health & Wellness
  • Welcomes different traditions
  • Workshops, trainings, conferences

  • Onsite accommodation for 20
  • Options for camping onsite
  • Healthy organic/vegetarian meals
  • Eco-friendly facility


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