Introduction to Saiva Siddhanta (Shaivism) - Day Retreat. Saturday, October 7th.

Fee: $75 (Includes lunch and snacks throughout the day)

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Objective: To introduce students to Shaivism, the religion and cosmology of ancient India, going back to 12,000+ years. The Indian subcontinent was inhabited by the Dravidian tribe for a very

long time now, at least 12,000+ years old. Shaivism was the cosmology and religion of the Dravidians. Around 5,000 years ago, a lot of kingdoms from the middle-east, west and north invaded India and settled in the northern and central part of India. The merger of the existing Shaivism in India and their own philosophies resulted in religions that followed: Jainism, Hinduism (Vedism), Vaishnavism, Buddhism, etc.

Shaivism as a cosmology/religion exists by itself very much in India now. It is also present in every other belief system that originated from India. If a person wants to understand Indian philosophies or Indian culture better, it would help to know about Shaivism, especially for yogis in the west. Yoga and Samkhya come from Shaivism.

Agenda of the retreat

1. Concept of Siva & creation

2. Tenets of Shaivism (Shiva Siddhaanta)
a. The three malams (impurities)
b. Samkhya
c. Nature (Prakriti)
d. Yoga

3. Symbology of Siva

4. Importance of the number 3 in Saiva Siddhanta

5. Prayers and Pooja (puja) to Siiva

6. Mantras dedicated to Siiva

7. Meditation & Chanting

Yogi Arvind is a spiritual: Teacher, Entrepreneur, Activist. He has been teaching Meditation since 2006. He speaks and leads workshops of many other aspects of Raja Yoga and Vedic Sciences such as: Pranayama (Breathwork), Yoga Philosophy, Shaivism, Samkhya and Sanskrit. He is passionate about using yogic principles to create a healthy, peaceful and harmonious life. His Meditation & Pranayama(Breathwork) classes/workshops are geared towards cultivating a higher state of consciousness and sustaining that higher state for longer periods of time, even after one leaves the studio. He wishes to help people maintain this state during their day-to-day activities, thereby making even the most simple or mundane task enlightening and uplifting.
For more information about Yogi Arvind, please visit his You may also follow him on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram: Yogi Arvind

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